Arab League reaffirms rejection of foreign interference, calls for Libya solution

By khalidy at 2020-01-01 • 0 collector • 116 pageviews

The Arab League council reaffirmed commitment to Libyan unity, sovereignty and safety yesterday, and also reaffirmed supporting the full implementation of the Sokhairat agreement, signed in December 2015, for a political solution to settle the crisis in the North African country.

The council held an emergency meeting in an extraordinary closed session attended by the permanent representatives, after the Arab League General Secretariat received a memorandum from Egypt requesting an extraordinary meeting of the council to discuss the latest developments in Libya. In its memorandum, Egypt called for a discussion on its neighbor, as well as the prospects of escalation.

The meeting was headed by Iraq, represented by Ambassador Ahmed Nayef Al-Dulaimi, its permanent representative to the Arab League and chair of the current session. The meeting aimed to find a unified Arab stance towards illegitimate foreign interventions in Libyan affairs.

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