Explosive new revelations just weakened Trump’s impeachment defenses

By fatima at 2020-01-01 • 0 collector • 126 pageviews

If Mitch McConnell is going to pull off his scheme to turn President Trump’s impeachment trial into a quick and painless sham with no witnesses, the Senate majority leader needs the story to be covered as a conventional Washington standoff one that portrays both sides as maneuvering for advantage in an equivalently political manner

But extraordinary new revelations in the New York Times about Trump’s corrupt freezing of military aid to Ukraine will or should make this much harder to get away with.

McConnell badly needs the media’s both-sidesing instincts to hold firm against the brute facts of the situation. If Republicans bear the brunt of media pressure to explain why they don’t want to hear from witnesses, that risks highlighting their true rationale: They adamantly fear new revelations precisely because they know Trump is guilty — and that this corrupt scheme is almost certainly much worse than we can currently surmise.

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